Brazilians are known for their healthy habits and lifestyle. Long runs on the beach’s sidewalk, bicycling on the park on a sunday morning and eating and drinking tropical foods and drinks. But are these exercises all true to the brazilian people? Well, some brazilians really live like this, reaching an age like 60 years old looking 40 with the heart conditions of a child. But some brazilians do quite the opposite.
        When it comes to an awful lifestyle filled with fast-food and sedentarism, some people can enjoy the most of it. Teenagers mostly, can live in a way that doctors would never recommend. Eating fast food at least 2 times a week, never practicing exercises (except for the walk some take from the bedroom to the bathroom and vice-versa) and sometimes even drinking and smoking on an age where the body is still being “developed”.
        This last one is a problem that is in many teenagers’ lives, and the prohibition of cigarette and alcohol consumption is almost being forgotten by the government that cares mostly about the money those teens spend on those drugs.