Brazil is known by have strong influences in the culture from many places around the world and, perhaps, one of the biggest influences are the food, because of the period of colonization having indigenous, European and African influences.
One example is the feijoada that came to Brazil in the era of slavery, which was the food of the slaves and the ingredients are the leftover food given by their owners.
Another important point is that each state has your own gastronomy and some of them have featured like Minas Gerais with the pão de queijo, doce de leite, biscoito de polvilho, cuscuz; and Bahia with vatapá, acarajé, mugunzá and canjica, not by coincidence, but by connecting with the story, these states were very important for the country’s development which helped to suffer more influences.
But if you analyse the food created by the Brazilians, you can see that most, if not all, aren´t healthy, most part is greasy or with too much sugar like coxinha, pastel, brigadeiro, quindim, pavê and many others.
To sum up, is possible to say that the food in Brazil is diverse and varied, but the Brazilian food isn’t healthy. So if you want to make a diet, don’t take Brazil as an example.


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