he most common dish in Brazil is the combination made of rice, beans and meat. It’s also usual to abuse of salt and sugar in food that has low nutrient content but high caloric levels.
Database collected by IBGE shows that the food most consumed in Brazil is coffee, followed by rice and beans. Surveys also point a preference for proteins rather than carbohydrates.
Evermore, less than 10% of the population ingests at least 400 grams of fruits and vegetables a day. 61% ingests a high level of sugars, caused by consume of soda, powdered juice, oils and fats.
Meanwhile, the extremely high consume of salt and low fibers it’s due to consume of industrialized food eaten at least once a week by a big part of the population and mainly by teenagers. This pattern is seen in all regions of the country.
When it’s about physical activities, Brazilians are considered sedentary. This behavior can be considered cause of many diseases such as breast cancer, diabetes and heart diseases.
In other hand, the most consumed dishes in England are beef, fish and lamb served with potatoes and vegetables. It’s also common to drink a lot of tea with milk or lemon and served with cookies, sandwiches and cakes.


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